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We focus on ensuring a competitive edge

  • BOUNDLESS CREATIVITY: Our diverse team specializes in recreating your imagination! Get on board with a variety of experts trained to make your private/public space, hypnotizing eye candy.
  • PRIM AND PROPER: Our priorities highlight punctuality and customer satisfaction. Potters’ designated workers are hired to efficiently clear projects which are welcome to meticulous eyes and constructive criticism.
  • EMERGE AND EXPAND: We not only create Art, but we also promote it! Our teams’ media experts Are bound to succeed in uplifting your business, Making it inevitably stand out in the competitive market

Potters Wheel Design House, A group of multi-platform designers. A blend of idea inspired youngsters and well experienced adults are the backbone of Potters Wheel Design House. Molding and guiding the creative spirits of our generation is our core aspiration. Ideas can be perceived by anyone, the difference is in those who make them happen. That’s what Potters Wheel Design House is recognized for.

Potters Wheel Design House, a team of well-versed experts in design, social media, and photography, comprises an amalgam of experienced artists, designers, and talented juveniles motivated to mold, add and bring life to your ideas.

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We aspire to create the best. Potters’ team is a family of talented individuals who value their work, whether it be a blank wall or a mere photograph, we treasure it all.


We are inspired to create a better looking, more efficient world. Our mission is to embody your ideas, a journey which takes cooperation, consistency and an experienced team like ours to complete.


Our team is a perfect blend of artists, web designers, photographers and marketing experts that are sure to help you find your place in the aesthetic world.

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Commercial Graphics, Information Technology, Media & Digital Marketing.


Media production is the art of visual storytelling through film and sound. Photography & Videography


Conceptual development, Space planning, Site inspections, Programming & Research.


Focuses on the outside appearance of buildings or structures, Includes your home’s size and shape

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Our Team

Our Hardworking Team

Asma Akhtar


Amber Ali Raja

Social Media Specialist

Sidra Farid

Creative Head

Danish Hashmi

Commercial Graphic Designer

Hafsa Ubaid

Content Writer

Ayesha Qureshi

Graphic Designer

Heba Riaz


Jahanzaib Khan


Aniqa Sehar


Sh M Usman Ghani

Web/Software Developer

Syed Hasnain Raza

Film Maker

Shaheer Badrudin

Game Designer

Sara Qurashi



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+92 322 5378553